Peigne De Massage Airbag Cheveux Raides
Straight Hair Airbag Massage Comb
Straight Hair Airbag Massage Comb

Straight Hair Airbag Massage Comb

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Combing your hair often helps massage acupuncture points, smooths the qi meridian and head blood, promotes the rise of yangs, regulates hundreds of pulses, harmonizes yin and yang, has for functions of clearing meridians, executing qi and blood, clearing the mind and opening the mind The effect of Shen, Pinggan Xifeng.
Product Features: Massage Comb There are many air cushions for combing the needles, which are used to dampen the force when combing the hair, and can be used to massage the scalp and promote the blood circulation of the scalp . Doesn't hurt the hair! You can close the scales of the hair after shampooing or drying the hair to eliminate frizz! And can reduce the friction between the comb teeth and the hair to prevent the generation of static electricity! It can also reduce the pressure on the hair when combing, take care of the hair shaft and scalp! At the same time, this type of hair comb helps bring the sebum from the scalp to the body, and this sebum is the natural hair conditioner, giving the hair natural shine. Can massage the hair and scalp, long-term use, can protect the scalp cortex and moisture, reduce the production of head oil.

Product Specifics:
Size: 25.6cm * 8.5cm
Product material: rubber glue + nylon needle + beech
Weight: 107g
Color: Wood color
Packing includes: a comb

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