Le Peigne De Massage Antistatique Peut ĂȘtre UtilisĂ© Pour Le Soin Des Perruques
Antistatic Massage Comb for Wig Care - aonal

Antistatic Massage Comb for Wig Care

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High value: The comb is simple in appearance, beautiful in appearance, and exquisite workmanship.
Humanized design: high tenacity encrypted plastic comb teeth, eliminate static electricity, reduce hair loss and hair loss, more comfortable without hurting the scalp, comfortable grip: comfortable feeling, moderate size. Elongated comb are flexible so that the hair comb does not entangle the strands of hair, and the knotting and knotting is painless and suitable for all hair types.
Wake Up Scalp: Use this comb to deeply awaken the scalp layer, massage the scalp, wake up hair follicles and promote hair growth.

The hair comb is specially designed for tying wet hair and caring for wigs, while making dry hair smooth and shiny.
Hair care and hair care, comfortable massage, natural hair care, enjoy combing the hair, more than a little comfortable.

Product Info:
Size: 20cm or more
Material: ABS material
Product weight: 70g
Color: Rose Red
You will receive: a comb

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