Grand Peigne à Coussin d'air, Peut être Utilisé Pour Le Massage De La Tête
Large Air Cushion Comb Head Massage Comb
Large Air Cushion Comb Head Massage Comb

Large Air Cushion Comb Head Massage Comb

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Simple and Versatile: No matter long hair, short hair, curly hair, medium hair, anything can be applied, this is common in all seasons, everyone needs a suitable hair comb.

Stylist, Hair Styling Tool: By controlling the curl direction, temperature and time to create different styles, whether you are a layman or a novice, you can easily create, let you bloom with confidence!

Elastic Comb Teeth Design: The comb teeth are made of elastic materials, and the hardness is scientifically calculated to achieve a certain pressing force. Comb teeth are naturally deformed, which relieves pressure on the scalp surface, especially for hair follicles, and prevents damage to the scalp from excessive pressure.
One-hand combing to quickly open the hair knot: elastic comb teeth, using the layering method to open the hair knot, to avoid the hard drag phenomenon in the process of ordinary hair combing. The scalp senses the force and the teeth of the comb automatically deform, reducing the appearance of short hair.
Wet and dry: comb the dry hair to the end, quickly open the knot, different, do not hurt the hair. Wet hair can also be pulled, hurt, or hurt.
Humanized Design: Imported high-temperature resistant nylon needle is used to ensure that it will not be deformed. Elastic nylon comb teeth easily curl the hair, smooth the hair and improve the elasticity of the hairline.
Easy modeling effect: The aluminum tube is porcelain plated to instantly transfer the hot air from the hairdryer to achieve the internal and external heating effect. The small holes on the aluminum tube can quickly disperse heat and make the aluminum tube evenly heated.

Health Care: The handle is made of imported rubber, which is effectively non-slip and more comfortable to use. We focus on high-quality products and carefully create them for you.

Product Parameters:
Size: 27 * 8cm
Weight: 100g
Material: ABS + nylon + rubber
Uses: haircut + styling
The package includes: a beautiful comb

The comb starts from the inside of the braid and slowly goes down with the hairdryer, the nozzles blow the scales of the hair to make it shinier.
Use a curler to curl your hair and blow it with a hairdryer, repeat several times to get beautiful natural curls.

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