Funny inflatable clothing

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Brown dog
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Product information

Product name:Funny inflatable clothing
Product size: 150-190cm
Product material: fabric
Product weight: 855g
Product function: entertainment props
Product packaging: PVC hanging bag
Suitable age: adult
Product use: commercial streets, parks, large parties, birthday parties, etc.
Entertainment place, fun, pleasant atmosphere
Product features: The clothing material is made of thick environmentally friendly PU coated polyester cloth weighing 75 grams per square meter. The clothing packaging is light and easy to carry, and it is convenient to wear for performances anytime, anywhere. The environmentally friendly materials can be touched by children during the performance.
How to use the product: The clothing will be equipped with a fan and a battery box. After receiving it, customers only need to prepare 4 AA batteries, put the batteries in the battery box, and then wear the clothing normally, turn on the switch to start inflation, and the inflation speed Soon, the full effect is usually achieved in about 20 seconds. After that, do not turn off the fan. The fan needs to continue to work to maintain a full shape. Tested with a new Nanfu battery, it can last about 4 hours.
Product usage scenarios: usually performances or catwalks. If some adults play, they will choose more doll styles. They can be used for dancing performances, tearing up famous brands, or organizing races in animal models. There will be TV stations to purchase for program recording, there will be bar purchases to enhance the atmosphere and warm up, and there are no special restrictions on its usefulness. Kindergarten enrollment will also attract popularity, and new store openings will also be used for drainage. You can wear it. Now is the live broadcast era, and many anchors will wear this costume for live broadcasts or record videos to upload.
Product reminder: Although the material of the clothing is waterproof, the cuffs and necklines of the clothing are tightened by elastic bands. If water is encountered, water will still enter the clothing, and the fan cannot touch water, so the clothing cannot be used in water. After long-term use, if there are some stains, hand wash or wipe the stains.

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